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Uk gambling commission releases social gaming report

17.04.2016 2 Comments

Uk gambling commission releases social gaming report drinking gambling womanizing

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Will esports tournaments need a gambling licence? While the Gambling Commission noted that eSports events present new challenges from a regulatory point of view, it concluded that betting on eSports matches with real money is no different from betting money on any other event and would therefore constitute regulated gambling. Please contact Pete Lewin peter purewalandpartners. The Commission states that it expects operators of eSports to manage these risks appropriately. The games and eSports uk gambling commission releases social gaming report have traditionally argued generally successfully that the playing of video games is a skill game which is generally not regulatednot a chance game which generally is. By making a regular contribution on Patreon, you will allow us to produce better content, cover more games, travel to events and keep our site vommission over.

This paper describes our area of interest in relation to social gaming, and the work we have undertaken to . revenues6. The UK Gambling Commission has become the first gambling regulator in the world to release an in-depth report and been the case in similar developments in mobile/social gaming and free to play games regulation). the blurring of lines between some social gaming products and gambling using virtual currencies, to consumers in Great Britain, must hold an.


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